May 2015
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Setting up SpecFlow

I’ve been asked to train a group of developers in the use of SpecFlow so that they can use it to write Selenium Tests. … Read the rest

Code Comments & Agile Programming

PEOP0067A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we were forced to name variables and methods with very short names.  When I started my career, I was programming Clipper and C.  Clipper was a dBase compiler, so it only had 10 characters available for variable names. … Read the rest

Cracking the Programmer’s Interview Code

33TrSeveral comments this week contribute to this week’s post.

The first, and the one that pushed me to write this post, is a discussion over at Simple Programmer on a post called “Cracking the Coding Interview” where I made the following statement,

Coding interview?

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Run NUnit from Visual Studio

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume that you already have the NUnit Test Runner installed.  The question you are looking to get answered is, “How do I run NUnit from Visual Studio” or even more importantly, “How do I DEBUG NUnit test from Visual Studio”. … Read the rest

TDD Gamification – Turning Test Driven Development into a Game

ge-gam-018When I was in college, there were some guys I hung out with who played this game called “Questions” which they got from some book.  Actually, it was a play.

Anyhow, the basic rules are:

  • You can’t answer a question with a statement
  • You can’t hesitate or make a false start
  • You can’t repeat a question that has already been used
  • You can’t ask a rhetorical question
  • You can’t ask an unrelated question.
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