March 2015
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Excuses For Not Testing

ppl-kid-044As I started my own journey into unit testing, I slowly began to realize that it was really easy to come up with reasons to NOT test my code as I was writing it, even once I understood what that was supposed to look like.… Read the rest

Why Start A Blog?

imageSo everyone says that as a programmer, you should start a blog.  And yet, so few of us do.  Why is that?

And so, I thought I’d spend time today giving you even more encouragement to start a blog, based on my own experience.… Read the rest

Being Agile Is About The Journey…

… Not The Destination

BeingAgileThis post first started as I was discussing my post “You Aren’t Doing Scrum If …” with a friend who had read the post and was worried that I might not fit in an organization that wasn’t doing all of Scrum. … Read the rest

NUnit Test Code Structure


There are two basic ways to structure the code you will be working on to Unit test the code in your main application using NUnit.  Arrange/Act/Assert (AAA) is what I refer to as the “Classic” method.  It has been around for as long as I’ve known about unit testing.… Read the rest

Software Architecture without Test Driven Development is DANGEROUS!

TDD Impacts Software ArchitectureI’ve had two incidents recently that have shown me how TDD impacts Software Architecture.  Both of these are with code I’m working on.

What Software Architecture Might Do

Software architecture might specify how is put together at a very high level. … Read the rest