Debugging Software

spiderIt amazes me how rare the skill of debugging software is. … Read the rest

JavaScript Scope


If you’ve been programming in any other environment than JavaScript for a while, you may be making assumptions about JavaScript Scope that just aren’t true.  One of those assumptions is how variables get evaluated when you run the JavaScript code and what variables are visible and at what point in the code they are visible.… Read the rest

Why Is It Called “Inversion of Control”?

CHIL0007There is a guy I’m working with who is trying to wrap his head around design principles.  He’s been watching a lot of PluralSight videos.  As he was processing information about Inversion of Control, he asked the natural question I’ve never actually considered before. … Read the rest

SpecFlow Tutorial

SpecFlow Tutorial SessionA couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post describing how to setup SpecFlow in which I promised to continue with how to actually use it once you have it installed.  What follows is a SpecFlow Tutorial of the tips and tricks I wish I’d known when I was starting out.… Read the rest

The Parable of The Road Line Painter

land-0125Way back in the day when lines were first being painted on roads.  The early lines were painted by hand.  In those days, a painter was hired and given a stretch of road to paint.  The first day he got on very well.  In fact, he was one of the best line painters they had ever had.  His lines were perfectly aligned, there were no unpainted areas in the space where there should be paint, and he managed to get 500 yards of road painted.  The average line painter normally did 250 yards in the first day.  The managers who had hired him were quite pleased.… Read the rest