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July 2014
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Why Get Certified?

Last week I mentioned that I’m working toward getting my MCSD certification.  Several weeks ago I received my ScrumMaster Certification.  This raises the question, “Why get certified at all?”

What follows is a list of reasons why I am perusing certification.… Read the rest

CSharp IDisposable Confusion

I’m planning to get my MCSD certification next and the first exam I plan to take is the 70-483 which will test my knowledge of CSharp.

To study, I got this free PDF: MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483) (Which I wouldn’t recommend, but I haven’t found anything yet that I WOULD recommend, so this will have to do.)

In this book (Chapter 5) and other places on the web, it makes this statement:

Read the rest

Defining “Done”

A couple of weeks ago, I mention “definition of done” which many of my readers may have never heard of before.

The phrase, “definition of done” comes out of the agile movement.  But there is no reason why it needs to stay there. … Read the rest

CSharp Numeric Overflows

NumericOverflowDid you know that when you are dealing with numbers, by default, .NET will do, or try to do exactly what you tell it to do?  If you tell it to do the impossible, it will do the next most logical thing.  It won’t throw any errors in the process.… Read the rest

Are We There Yet?

StoryPointsWhen my kids were young, my wife introduced a concept for this question that she got from her family that is so brilliant in its simplicity that I wonder that this isn’t common knowledge with all parents.  Something they should tell you during Lamaze class.… Read the rest

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