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September 2014
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What’s In My Blogging Toolbox?

So as I thought this week about what I might write, I decided to review the various tools that I use to get stuff done.  I started this post with the stuff I use to create the blog articles every week and, as it turns out, that ended up being a post worth of content right there.… Read the rest

Is Your Architecture Crippling Your Unit Testing?

Last week I wrote a post that talked about Unit Testing and the need to make sure you are only testing one particular unit of code at a time.  The post was well received.  But I am surprised that no one commented on the glaring hole I left in the post.… Read the rest

It is called “Unit Testing” for a reason

One of the problems I had when I started to learn unit testing, and a concept that seems to be hard to grasp as I teach others about unit testing, is this concept of testing just a unit.  What is a unit after all?… Read the rest

JavaScript Performance Tweaks

So, I started reading High Performance JavaScript recently and I thought now might be a good time to give a summary of what I’ve learned so far.

Up until recently, I wasn’t all that concerned about performance.  But last year I started working with EXTjs, which allows you to build desktop like apps in JavaScript using pretty much nothing but JavaScript and now performance is a much bigger concern. … Read the rest

YAGNI – You Aren’t Going To Need It

One of the design principles in software development is to only write what you need today.  This has taken on the moniker of YAGNI (You Aren’t Going To Need It).

The question is, in what ways do we violate this principle?… Read the rest

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