CSS Animation Resources


This week I discovered CSS Animations.  Well, I shouldn’t say I discovered it so much as I finally spent some time figuring out what it is and why I would care about it.  This could make so much of what we normally do in JavaScript entirely unnecessary.  So, more for my own benefit than anything else, I thought today I would just create a list of resources that are available.… Read the rest

NUnit, Unity Dependency Injection, MOQ and Private Fields


I had an interesting puzzle to solve this week that I thought I would share with you in case someone else is looking for a similar solution.

There was some code that I needed to test that ultimately called into the database.… Read the rest

Technical Debt Is Inevitable


Whoa there Dave.  What are you talking about?  Have you given up the fight? You who have preached the TDD religion.  You who’ve struggled to get organizations to adopt naming conventions, to use version control systems and to use project management software.  The same guy who has implemented continuous integration on his current project?  What’s this world coming to?… Read the rest

Explaining How The Internet Works To Family And Friends


A couple of weeks ago my wife and daughter were watching a movie on our Roku when stuff started to not work.  When I came into the room my wife asked me to explain how the Internet works.

Now, whenever someone ask me to explain something technical, I’m always a bit nervous.  The problem is, how do I explain this in a way that the person asking me can understand, giving them just enough to satisfy the question they are really asking, and yet give them a mostly accurate answer?  The problem with explaining stuff to someone who knows less than you about the subject is either that you end up  giving them way more information than they want or you give them too little information because you know it so well.  I’m sure most of my writing on this blog suffers from this very same issue.… Read the rest

Selenium Performance Improvements


As many of you know, I’ve been using Selenium to do my website testing.  And, if you’ve done any testing with Selenium yourself, you know that Selenium can be even slower if you are using Selenium Grid.

Today I want to talk to you about ways you might be able to increase the performance of your test.… Read the rest

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