WebForms vs MVC–The War Is Over

I just finished listening to a DotNetRocks podcast today with Paul Sheriff which largely talked about creating mobile web sites using ASP.NET WebForms.… Read the rest

My Visual Studio Toolbox

Last week I started on a blog post about the tools I use and it ended up being about the tools I use for blogging and podcasting.

Today I thought I’d work on something a little more generic and look at what’s in my Visual Studio toolbox.… Read the rest

What’s In My Blogging Toolbox?

So as I thought this week about what I might write, I decided to review the various tools that I use to get stuff done.  I started this post with the stuff I use to create the blog articles every week and, as it turns out, that ended up being a post worth of content right there.… Read the rest

Is Your Architecture Crippling Your Unit Testing?

Last week I wrote a post that talked about Unit Testing and the need to make sure you are only testing one particular unit of code at a time.  The post was well received.  But I am surprised that no one commented on the glaring hole I left in the post.… Read the rest

It is called “Unit Testing” for a reason

One of the problems I had when I started to learn unit testing, and a concept that seems to be hard to grasp as I teach others about unit testing, is this concept of testing just a unit.  What is a unit after all?… Read the rest

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