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December 2007
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How to code LINQ

Today we finally put all the code we’ve been looking at for the last couple of weeks into practice and take a look at LINQ.  Today’s example will be relatively brief but once you understand the underlying parts, which we’ve covered already, there really isn’t much to actually using LINQ.… Read the rest

Javascripts Image Manipulation

Those silly kids still aren’t up and I’m still surfing the web.  Here’s another tool.  Javascript image manipulation.  My favorite is the reflection, but there are others there that you might like more.

Cool way to make your FavIcons

So, it’s Christmas morning, the kids are in bed and I’m using stumbleupon to see what’s out on the net when I stumbled onto this cool online tool that lets you upload an image and turns it into a favicon.

Check it out here: favikon

BTW, for you young parents who didn’t get to read this until the day after Christmas because your kids got up first on Christmas morning, it does get better :)

Extension Methods in VB.NET

Last week we took a look at Extension Methods in CSharp.  Today we will continue looking at Extension methods using VB.NET syntax.  It’s obvious by comparing the syntax in VB.NET to the syntax we used in C#, that either there was a strong disagreement as to how to implement Extension Methods syntactically, or the language teams never talk to each other.… Read the rest

SubVersion Instead of Visual SourceSafe

By now, many of you using Visual SourceSafe with Visual Studio 2008 know that VSS doesn’t work with VS2008 out of the box.  There is a fix available which the link below will lead you to.  However, you shouldn’t be using Visual SourceSafe anymore any how. … Read the rest