DotNetNuke 4.8.0 Released

Yesterday dotnetnuke 4.8 was released.  You can checkout the full change log at but some of the more interesting bug fixes include:

  • PurgeEventLog is very slow
    If your event log gets out of hand and you try to clean it up, it is practically impossible without using SEM and/or writing your own SQL to do the job.  Evidently, 4.8 fixes this issue.
  • Empty recycle bin doesn’t deal with recursion nicely.
    I’ve run into this one a couple of times.  You delete a page that has modules on it and then go to empty the recycle bin and you get a bunch of warning messages saying you can’t delete X until Y is gone.  Well, duh!  I’m trying to delete them all!  Just handle that for me eh?
    Fortunately, this is fixed now.
  • Several performance enhancement related bugs

There are other items in the list that you may care about.  But these are the ones I’ve seen that directly impact the work I do.

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