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DataSets, ObjectDataSource and 3-Tier ASP.NET

As I’ve mentioned in other post, while I think LINQ has it’s uses, I still favor the use of the ObjectDataSource control in conjunction with DataSets and a 3-tiered architecture.  Since any future demos I do will probably involve this architecture, I thought it would be useful to do a short demo that demonstrates how to create a 3-Tiered architecture in ASP.NET.… Read the rest

Help! I deleted my DotNetNuke page or module

Back in December, I did a video about the DotNetNuke event log.  A commonly over looked feature in DotNetNuke that can cause your database size to grow for no apparent reason, but also has very valuable information about things that are going wrong in your DotNetNuke installation.… Read the rest

Document/View All Over Again…

One thing I didn’t get around to mentioning the other day when I was evaluating if LINQ 2 SQL with the LinqDataSource really is multi-layered or not is my belief that what Microsoft has really (re)created for us is the Document/View architecture all over again.… Read the rest

Is LINQ Multi Layered?

Several weeks ago, we discussed the point of Multi-Layered Architectures.  We discussed what a multi-layered architecture looks like, and the problems it solves.

Today, what I want to examine is the question, “Is the LINQ model we’ve been looking at since then really multi-layered?”

Using StoredProcedures with LINQ 2 SQL Classes

While it is true that LINQ will allow you to write all of your data access in .NET without writing a line of SQL, many organizations have already determined that using stored procedures to retrieve the data from their database is the preferred way of accessing the data.… Read the rest