I hate to read!

I was talking to another developer today about this.  If I could “read” all of the books that I SHOULD read by simply listening to them, I would.  It’s not that I can’t read, I just find listening SO much easier.  Besides, I can listen to books while I driving.  It’s not safe to read while your driving.

Really!  Reading is just a very inefficient way of consuming information.  Most of what I know I learned AS I need it.  Not because I read an entire book.

So, then we started talking about why there aren’t ANY (to my knowledge) programming books available in audio.  I can understand why I might not be able to get the latest csharp programming book on CD.  But, for crying out loud, why aren’t Rapid Development, Code Complete, or The Mythical Man Month available on audio yet?

Anyone in the publishing industry out there?

I’d pay extra if I could get a programming book on audio.

My bet is, you make a programming book available on audio, you’d not only sell the audio, but you’d sell more books.  Why?  Because most programming books require illustration.  Even if a programmer initially bought just the audio, he’d absolutely have to buy the book if the information was any good at all.

What about revisions?

With the audio technology that is available today, it wouldn’t take a lot of work to re-read passages that changed and splice them into the original.  The only problem that might come up is if you can’t get the same reader for the revision that you had for the original.  But, a good sound engineer combined with good readers could even overcome that problem.

Until more programming books become available on audio, I probably won’t buy any more programming books.  I can generally get all the information I need on the web.  And, that’s where I intend to get it until the publishing world figures out they are loosing money and fix the problem.

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