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June 2008
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DotNetNuke Modules – Internationalization (part 2)

Last Thursday, we looked at how you could change the text of the modules in DotNetNuke.  Today, we want to show you how to add that same capability to your own modules.

DotNetNuke – Internationalization

One of the core features of DotNetNuke is that all of the text that shows up on a page either comes out of the database or out of resource files.  Anything that comes out of the resource files can be localized for country and region.… Read the rest

Why you can’t cast an integer to a string.

I saw this question last Thursday on Channel 9 that I’ve heard before. My guess is that there are enough people who have the same question that it’s worth addressing.

I know there’s probably a really good reason for this, but I can’t think of what it is, and it keeps bugging me.

Read the rest

DotNetNuke Skins – Skin Objects

There are a number of DotNetNuke controls, which they call objects, that are available to the skin designer. This adds functionality to the page such as a link to login/logout, date/time, username, and others. Today’s post will list each of the objects that are available and what they do.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke Modules – DNN Controls – Label

The DotNetNuke framework has several built-in controls that you should use instead of the controls you would typically use in an ASP.NET application. Before we can go much further, we need to review the controls that are available so that you know what is available prior to starting your development efforts.… Read the rest