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SQL – Filtering WHERE condition on two rows

iStock_000005792139Medium I received the following question a couple of days ago from a programmer using the “Ask  a Question” form which you can access from the menu of this blog:

Given the following table:

Name Language
Nikhil Hindi
Nikhil English
Kisu Hindi
Kisu English
Rakesh Hindi
Kousik Bangali

How do I select names of persons who know both Hindi and English?… Read the rest

The Dangers of Testing as Part of an Interview

It has always struck me as an odd practice to give a written test to an interviewee during the hiring process.  I’ve been on both sides of the hiring process.  I’ve had to take a few of these tests.  My general perception is that all a test shows is that the person taking it knows how to take a test.… Read the rest

Advantages of Using Class Diagram

misc_vol4_063 One of the new tools that showed up in Visual Studio 2005 that I don’t see many people taking much advantage of is the Class Diagram.

The class diagram displays the classes you drag onto it in a visual representation much like a UML class diagram does. … Read the rest

jQuery – class manipulation

So, now that we’ve fully exhausted the topic of how to select elements using jQuery, what can we do with it?

Well, one thing we can do is use the two built-in methods, addClass and removeClass, to change the look of your site on the fly.… Read the rest

SystemException: The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed

A03B0015 I hate long titles, but this is what everyone is going to be searching for if they get this error, so that’s the title today.

I just got done fixing an error and when I went to Google, there were only five entries for this phrase and none of them solved the problem. … Read the rest