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Installing Silverlight2 Tools for Visual Studio

other-time-017 I was talking with a friend of mine a couple of days ago about the future of web development and XAML specifically when he made the comment about the tools not being available for the average developer.

I said that I was pretty sure the tools were available now for Visual Studio.… Read the rest

What is the global keyword in CSharp?

During the Christmas break, I received the following question:

What does C# global:: actually do? Code example, from table adapter code:

[global::System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("System.Data.Design.TypedDataSetGenerator", "")]
[global::System.ComponentModel.… Read the rest

Extracting Methods

rhesus-monkey I once knew a programmer who had us all fooled into thinking he was the most organized programmer on the planet.  When he left at night, his desk looked like he had never even been to work.  When we did code reviews, his code was nicely formatted, there wasn’t a duplicate line of code anywhere.… Read the rest

Volatile variables and CSharp threads

seagull The volatile keyword is a convenience keyword for those who need to access member variables of a class or structure in multi-threaded conditions.

Again, since this is an advanced CSharp concept this is probably something that most of you will not need to worry about using, especially in ASP.NET. … Read the rest

The "Double Submit" Issue from the Server Side

food-deli-015 There are many times when you might want to ensure that a user only submits information to your system once.  The most common, of course, is when you are collecting credit card information for a purchase.  But there are other times as well.… Read the rest