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404 Errors – Retrieving the Bad URL

arct-071 A few weeks ago, I wrote a post describing how to detect that a 404 error had occurred in your error handler rather than just detecting that any error had occurred.

ASP.NET Application_Error – Detecting 404′s

This past weekend Alaa Ali asked, “So how do you retrieve the wrong requested URL?”

ASP.NET MVC – Routing

ring-tailed-lemur One of the core features of ASP.NET MVC that makes everything “just work” is the concept of routing.  By specifying ahead of time what a route looks like, we can create links that look like regular URLs with no parameters that behave like parameterized URLs on the server.… Read the rest

Internationalization – Resource Files

C01H0025 Today I’m going to start a series on Internationalization.  Today’s post will start with the basics, but I plan to cover such issues as:

  • Using Resources
  • Detecting the language of the browser
  • What about images?
  • Dealing with Search Engine Spiders
  • Internationalizing your database.
  • Read the rest

jQuery – Auto Scrolling the Slider

B03B0037 Question from Yuhsin:

I would like to make the jquery steps slider to do auto-increment when the window loads. Is there an easy way to trigger the slide to move by itself ?

I’m assuming this question is looking for the content to auto scroll as well. … Read the rest

MVC – Let’s Install it.

misc_vol4_048 Unless you only read my blog, you probably already know that MVC 1.0 released yesterday.  So it’s time to install it into visual studio.

Now, you are supposed to be able to install it using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, but when I try that, the only option I have is to install RC2, which isn’t what we want, so let’s head on over to the Microsoft download location and install it from there: