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DotNetNuke CSS in your Module Settings

tp_vol1_002 I have a friend that is working at a local college who called recently because he was having some trouble with his CSS using the Module Settings feature where you can add additional code for the Module’s header and footer.

If you aren’t already aware of this feature, now would be a good time to learn about it.  it can be used to embed javascript into your form, add or change CSS or even provide additional wrapper code for your module.… Read the rest

Initializing An Array inline

arct-075 This is part two of the discussion I started yesterday about the StackOverflowException, where I explained how memory gets allocated for the different types of variables we have in our systems and how understanding that can prevent the StackOverflowException.  The question came back with some code this time which looked something like this:

private mystruct[] m_struct = 
    new mystruct[6000000];
private mystruct[] GetStructArray()
    m_struct[0] = 
        new mystruct(3, 2);
    ...… Read the rest

StackOverflowException – What causes this?

ka_vol1_064 Oner Yilmaz Asks:

I am using C# Êxpress developer tool. I Intend to form 3D Mesh object by an array of 60.000 items. When I reach to appr. 19.000 items, I get the error message "An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in Test.exe"
My PC has 2GB RAM.

Read the rest

Silverlight – Databinding to a Web Service

misc_vol1_049 In the last several posts, I’ve demonstrated various ways of getting data onto the screen.  What I’ve purposely omitted up until this point is how to update this information.

So let’s start by going back to the demo we created in Febuary.… Read the rest

Silverlight, Web Services and Datasets

G05B0037 I sat down today to learn about using Silverlight and Dataset from a Web Service.  Something you’d think would be rather trivial.

I mean, seriously folks.  We use Datasets as a means of transporting data up and down the tiers of just about everything we do in .NET.  It would stand to reason that using DataSets as our transport mechanism in Silverlight would be a given.… Read the rest