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Programming SEO – Tags and Keywords

ka_vol1_121 Last week I started a series on SEO from a programming perspective.  Today we want to look at one of the topics I discussed in that post in a little more detail.  Tags.

Strictly speaking, tagging a page on your web site will have little or no effect on your ranking.  However, tags will be the cornerstone of a lot of other elements of our on-site optimizations as you will discover in future post.  So the first thing we need to add to our site is the ability to add tags to our pages and the ability to make those tag URLs display useful content.… Read the rest

if IE Conditional CSS using ASP.NET Themes

winter-011 Yesterday when I introduced Artisteer I mentioned that they use conditional link comments to include IE6 and IE7 specific CSS in the master page.

In my world, I like to use ASP.NET themes for my CSS, which means the CSS will get included automatically.  So the question is, how can we use Artister with ASP.NET themes?  Or for that matter, how can we include IE-specific CSS as part of our themes?… Read the rest

jQuery Progressbar

arct-013 Once you venture into the land of AJAX you’ll soon discover the need to let your user know that some work is taking place in the background.  If you can, you’ll want to let them know just how long that work will take before they can continue.  For that, jQuery has the progress bar.… Read the rest

CSharp ?? Operator

One of the problems with learning a language early in its life cycle is that by the time version three comes out, you never look at or implement any of the new features.

There are two reasons for this.  First, the features you are using already cover 80% of the features you need.  Second, you never look at the manual to discover what new features are available–features that may help you write your code more efficiently.… Read the rest

Mixing ASP.NET, jQuery and JSON

ppl-other-01 I received the following question last week:

I am building a web application… I have a form with server control textbox and dropdownlist…

how can I send this to the server without postback and send me back message if the process of updating the database is successful