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Unique BODY tags per page

G07L0019 Last week I talked about a situation where the previous programmer had placed the body tag inside the ContentPlaceholder in order to allow for a different body tag on the page.

Since this is a project that I am actively involved in, I’ve been thinking about the easiest way to “fix” the code so that we can use it.… Read the rest

How to evaluate technology choices

H02C0011 My post yesterday about an easy way of implementing templated e-mail was met by a comment suggesting that using XSLT would allow for more flexibility.  Which is true.  Once it was suggested, I started asking myself, “but is it the BEST method of implementing templated e-mail?”

I think, as programmers, we tend to think that having more options, having more flexibility, using the latest and greatest technology, is always best.  But is it?… Read the rest

Templated E-Mail using .NET


One thing I’m pretty consistent about is letting the computer do most of my work for me.  As a “programmer” I really don’t like to program.  I prefer to solve problems.

You’ve already seen the effects of this in how I program PDF files where I use form fields and fill them at runtime rather than building up the entire PDF at runtime.… Read the rest

Programming SEO – Cross Linking Titles


Here is another interesting way to programmatically add link juice to web pages from within your own site.  It will require that you have pages created dynamically from a database and that you have some way of retrieving the title.

iTextSharp – HTML to PDF – Finishing Up

tiger In the last post I mentioned there were a few topics we need to close up today.  The two topics we’ve left undone are popping the attribute information off the stack when we hit a closing element and dealing with the paragraph gap that normally appears between paragraph elements.… Read the rest