Murach’s ASP.NET 3.5 Web Programming with C# 2008


Already know how to code C# 2008 desktop applications? Then, you’re ready to master web programming with the 3.5 edition of this best-selling ASP.NET book from Murach Books.

It covers the 3.5 features that provide new functionality…like the ListView and DataPager data controls, LINQ data sources, new CSS-related tools, and ASP.NET AJAX…while it teaches you how to develop web applications from scratch. And it does that using all the same features that made the 2.0 edition such a favorite among professional developers:

#1. It’s concise, practical, and crystal-clear in telling you what you need to know

#2. It shows you how to get the most from Visual Studio 2008 as you code, test, debug, and deploy ASP.NET web applications

#3. It gives you a 7-chapter section on database programming…2 more chapters than in the previous edition because .NET continues to deliver new, powerful tools for this critical component of business applications

#4. It gives you solid training in the essential skills that you’ll use every day, including data validation…state management…improving the user experience with easy site navigation and a standard look and feel…boosting user response time with ASP.NET AJAX…handling security…developing reusable controls…working with database data using SQL, object, and LINQ data sources…and more

#5. It gives you real-world application examples that guide you in applying what you’re learning as you develop your own websites (you can download the applications for free from the Murach website)

#6. Its paired pages presentation makes for fast reading, instant reinforcement, and time-saving reference (to see how the paired pages work, you can download free chapters from the Murach website)

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