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jQuery Progressbar

arct-013 Once you venture into the land of AJAX you’ll soon discover the need to let your user know that some work is taking place in the background.  If you can, you’ll want to let them know just how long that work will take before they can continue.  For that, jQuery has the progress bar.

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Mixing ASP.NET, jQuery and JSON

ppl-other-01 I received the following question last week:

I am building a web application… I have a form with server control textbox and dropdownlist…

how can I send this to the server without postback and send me back message if the process of updating the database is successful

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CustomValidationControl and jQuery

animal-018 Recently I needed to use a custom validation control to check to see if multiple controls had something in them. Yes, I know this is what the required field validator is for. But the client wanted one message for all of the fields and this is the only way I could think of that made sense. Even if I used the validation summary control, I would get one message field with multiple messages in it. That’s not what we were looking for.

Anyhow, once I figured out that what we needed here was a custom validation control, I thought about using jQuery to make life a whole lot simpler.

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jQuery – Accordion

F03I0043 If you’ve been using the MS-AJAX Accordion control, stop it right now!

Seriously. Once I show you how easy the jQuery version is, you’ll want to drop it. Shoot! You may even want to go to the trouble of replacing the MS-AJAX Accordion control in the code you’ve already written.

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jQuery Demos From Last Tuesday’s Presentation

Here’s a link to the demos from last Friday’s presentation.

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