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April 2014
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Seach Engine Optimization

ASP.NET Google SPDY Tweaks


Google recently introduced the SPDY initiative where they are working toward making the web twice as fast.

If you have a public facing web site that is commercial in nature, speed has always been a factor that will drive sales, sign-ups, etc.  But we very rarely pay any attention to this, even though the solutions are relatively simple.… Read the rest

Programming SEO – Cross Linking Titles


Here is another interesting way to programmatically add link juice to web pages from within your own site.  It will require that you have pages created dynamically from a database and that you have some way of retrieving the title.

Google NOFOLLOW Change (and why this isn’t news)


Or, Chicken Little and rel=nofollow

Google recently admitted they have changed the way they pass page rank to pages from a page that has the nofollow attribute attached to one or more of the links on the page.

Actually, it isn’t really all that recent, but I’m still seeing articles about the subject.  In fact, someone just sent me another article yesterday.  The whole thing sounds just like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling because an acorn landed on her head.… Read the rest

Programming SEO – Cross Linking

YB As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, cross-linking your pages within your site is one of the best ways I know to increase traffic to your site.  In fact, the week I added a plug-in to this site that automatically cross-linked my related pages, I saw a steady increase in visitors.… Read the rest

Programming SEO – Tags and Keywords

ka_vol1_121 Last week I started a series on SEO from a programming perspective.  Today we want to look at one of the topics I discussed in that post in a little more detail.  Tags.

Strictly speaking, tagging a page on your web site will have little or no effect on your ranking.  However, tags will be the cornerstone of a lot of other elements of our on-site optimizations as you will discover in future post.  So the first thing we need to add to our site is the ability to add tags to our pages and the ability to make those tag URLs display useful content.… Read the rest