Don’t be such a #@%#! Lazy Programmer!


I get several questions a week via the “Click Here to Ask a Question.”  I would like to say I answer all of them, but I don’t.

The number one reason I don’t answer a question is because I’ve already answered the question somewhere on this blog.  Yes, I actually spend the time to make sure I did.

The second most frequent reason for ignoring a question is because it is in the form of, “Is demo available in VB?”

Both of these types of questions bother me for the same reason.  So here’s my generic answer to everyone who sends me a question of these two forms.

Don’t be such a #@%#! lazy programmer!

I know this may upset some of you.  It may make you angry.  The nerve that I’d put such a thing in print.

I hope, however, that it wakes up those of you who are willing to be helped.  Those who really want to grow as programmers.  It may be you’ve just never thought the issue through.

You obviously found this web site because you used a search engine.  I know this because 80% of you find me every day using the search engines.  10% get here from a direct link.  The other 10% get here from some other web site.  I’m assuming that last 10% got to the site that linked to me from a search engine.

You were able to find this site using the search engine but you can’t spend another 5 minutes to use the search feature on this site to find the article you are looking for?  Or the tag cloud?  So, instead, you send me a question asking the question and expect me to send you a link to the article?

Guess what, I use that same search feature to find the article.  I don’t know, maybe you just didn’t see the search label?

But the second question is probably more annoying.  I mean, not everyone can use search.  I pity those people because as programmers they’ll only be mediocre.

But come on, people.  If you are SO lazy that you can’t translate a demo from CSharp to VB.NET or from VB.NET to CSharp, please do our industry a favor and find another line of work, because programming is definitely NOT for you.

Seriously, as languages go, CSharp is not that much different from VB.NET.  Sure the syntax is a bit different, but 99% of the function calls are EXACTLY the same.  It’s not like we are expecting you to translate code from COBOL or Pascal!

This is exactly what I was talking about last week when I said that in the future, programmers will only have to write real code.

So either exert just a little more energy in your quest for answers to your questions or get out of the way.  Frankly, we don’t need lazy programmers in this industry and I refuse to be an enabler.

There.  That’s off my chest.

Tomorrow, back to our regularly scheduled helpful information.

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  • pavsaund

    Nice Flaming…was an enjoyable read :)

  • Ferienwohnungen Gardasee

    I can not help but to agree. As they said, no effort, no gain. No one can afford to be lazy- programmer or not.

  • SRB

    Get the feeling that the picture is a racist comment, aimed at Indian programmers.
    Why not a fat white man eating potato chips and watching CSI instead ?

    • Dave

      You read WAY too much into the picture.

      How do you know that I’m not Indian? Or for that matter that I’m even human?

  • Brad

    So, is this post available in VB?

    • Dave

      Thanks for a good laugh at the end of a difficult day :)