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DotNetNuke Panes Won’t collapse?

Yesterday  I mentioned that I was trying to track down another issue with DotNetNuke when I discovered the FavIcon secret.

The problem I was trying to track down was the issue with panes not collapsing completely in IE when there is no content in them.

I actually owe the solution to a friend of mine who spent several hours tracking this one down, but since he doesn’t have a web site, I can’t link to him.  So, thanks Dan Wallace…. and get yourself a web site already.

So, the problem is that many skins provided for DotNetNuke, including the ones that come with DotNetNuke have multiple pane areas.  The ones that are particularly troublesome are the left and right panes.  Say you have a Left and Right Pane that are either set at a specific pixel or percentage width.  If you don’t put any content in those panes, you get a blank area on the page that is the specified width.

Ideally, if the content didn’t exist, the other content would move in to fill that space.  And, it should do that without having to use a separate skin on each page.  The whole point of using a skin is to provide some sort of consistency between pages.

It turns out that if you add a Visible=”false” attribute to the TD tag that represents the pane, the pane will collapse when no content is available.

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