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DotNetNuke SecurityException AspnetHostingPermission


Yesterday I was setting up DotNetNuke for a designer on a computer at a corporate location so that he could start working on CSS for some of our custom modules.  He had an earlier version of DNN installed, so you’d think that it would “just work” but there seems to be a new module or something going on that caused the AspnetHostingPermission exception to get thrown so that we couldn’t even run the web site.

I hate setting up development computers at corporate locations.  Everything that works fine for me always seems to take just as long if not longer to set up there (wherever “there” is.)

There is a simple fix to this error.  Go into the IIS manager and select the AppPool that your web app is using.  Click the “Advanced Settings” link that you’ll find on the right-hand panel.

In the new dialog that shows up, you’ll see “Process Model” > “Identity”.  Change that identity to “NetworkService” and OK out.

Everything SHOULD work now.  At least it did for me.


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  • http://www.scottallender.com Scott Allender

    I have ran into this issue a LOT with windows 7 and windows 2008. My fixes for it are basically to ensure that the App Pool user account belongs to IIS_IUSRS group and and to grant the IIS_IUSRS group RWX privileges on the site directory. For DNN, I grant Full privileges.

    • Dave

      While it “works”, I wouldn’t do that on a production server. Sounds like a security risk to me.