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Running IIS and Apache on Port 80 on a single system with different IP’s

Yesterday, I was configuring SubVersion to run under Apache for a client and decided to do a quick check on Google to see if there is SOME way of running Apache and IIS side by side.

 Of course, the first thing I tried is to just assign all the IPs in IIS except the one I wanted to use for Apache.  But,  No big bad IIS binds to ALL of the IP addresses.  So, I decided to do a quick Google search prior to just installing Apache on port 81 because I have another situation where I’d like to install Apache on the same box as IIS so that I can use WordPress with URL Rewriting.

So, it turns out you can (this still work with more recent versions of IIS).  Here’s a link to the article I found:

Running IIS 6.0 and Apache on Port 80 on a single system with different IP’s

And here’s a link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article:


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