SubVersion Instead of Visual SourceSafe

By now, many of you using Visual SourceSafe with Visual Studio 2008 know that VSS doesn’t work with VS2008 out of the box.  There is a fix available which the link below will lead you to.  However, you shouldn’t be using Visual SourceSafe anymore any how.  Instead, use SubVersion.  Why?

  • SubVersion is Free
  • SubVersion works over the Internet
  • Microsoft has Publicly stated that there will be no future releases of VSS
  • You don’t have to connect to SubVersion unless or until you need to access it.
  • SubVersion is noticeably faster than VSS

I wrote a pretty long article outlining why I moved to SubVersion over a year ago.  You can read it here: Why I Moved to SubVersion from Visual SourceSafe

You’ll also find instructions for setting it up and using it from a VSS perspective.

And just in case anyone is interested.  I don’t have a lot of room for Team Server either.  In many cases, it is overkill and even with this solution, it is hard to get it working over the Internet.  Unless you are a large organization who needs the kind of control Team Server will give you, I would recommend using SubVersion for your version control and some other solution for change control.

Visual SourceSafe Update

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  • Jester

    Infinite thanks for the original article about why you moved to SubVersion from VSS. I was searching for information ‘translating’ commands between the applications (i.e., “How do you Get Latest using SubVersion”) and this was just what the doctor ordered – in addition to all the other great material.