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404 Errors – Retrieving the Bad URL

arct-071 A few weeks ago, I wrote a post describing how to detect that a 404 error had occurred in your error handler rather than just detecting that any error had occurred.

ASP.NET Application_Error – Detecting 404’s

This past weekend Alaa Ali asked, “So how do you retrieve the wrong requested URL?”

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ASP.NET Application_Error Detecting 404’s

misc_vol3_046 For many of you, this is going to be a “Duh!” kind of post.  But while working on this today, I found so many people asking this question and so many others giving the wrong answer, I’m compelled to post anyhow.

If you know the answer, then you are welcome to stop reading now.  I didn’t write this for you.  I wrote this for the hundreds of people who will search for this information and won’t be able to find the answer.  The fact of the matter is, that’s why I write most of what I write–so people searching for the information can find it.

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