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JQuery, Cufon, and Dynamic Content


Yesterday I mentioned a new tool called Cufon that allows you to easily embed fonts in your web site.

One quirk about this tool is that your HTML has to be rendered prior to applying, or refreshing, the font. If you are using any kind of AJAXy stuff in your site, you’ll need to re-apply the font change.  The trick is knowing when to do this.… Read the rest

Cool Free ASP.NET AJAX Rich Text Editor

Nice start on a WYSIWYG browser based editor. 

It’s released under the MS-PL license.  You can get the full information at:

Brad Abrams : Cool Free ASP.NET AJAX Rich Text Editor

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jQuery and ASP.NET UpdatePanel

iStock_000005899630Medium I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks working on an administrative application that uses a ton of AJAXy stuff.

The application is interactive in the sense that every time a field is updated in the administrative screen, another part of the screen updates to show the user what the final result will look like when it is published.… Read the rest

jQuery, Each() and Async Gets


One of the things to keep in mind when using jQuery is that nothing is a blocking call.  Sure, there is a certain sequence to when things operate.  But, to be safe, you should always assume that step two will happen during step one.… Read the rest

jQuery – Accordion

F03I0043 If you’ve been using the MS-AJAX Accordion control, stop it right now!

Seriously. Once I show you how easy the jQuery version is, you’ll want to drop it. Shoot! You may even want to go to the trouble of replacing the MS-AJAX Accordion control in the code you’ve already written.… Read the rest