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Anonymous Types

So, let’s get to work looking at anonymous types in .NET.

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Readable Code

Time out today for just a bit of a rant.

A couple of days ago, I posted a top ten list for why you shouldn’t buy Visual Studio 2008.  Most people totally got that this was all tongue in cheek.  But, I was amazed how many comments I got on YouTube where people took it WAY too seriously.  Sigh.. people… just goes to show how shaky this writing medium is.  Ah well…

What makes most of the items I suggested in that list funny is that there really are people who believe at least one of the reasons I listed.  Including the last one about using notepad and the command line.  I had a student in a Java class I was teaching several years ago who told me that the lead programmer where he worked was still using VI (‘nix version of notepad) for all of his development.  He was also STILL setting the CLASSPATH variable.  This when there were free tools available that had intellisense, color syntax highliting, and the CLASSPATH environment variable had died several years prior.

Along these lines, I actually found a blog post by an ex C++ programmer indicating that he believed anonymous types would make the code unreadable.  So, let’s look at that in some detail this morning.

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