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April 2014
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Internationalization – The Database

Over the last several weeks we’ve been examining the various aspects of internationalization using ASP.NET. But it doesn’t help to have your resources and images set up for internationalization if your database has all of its data in one language.

The following are several solutions you might consider when setting up your database.… Read the rest

Mixing ASP.NET, jQuery and JSON

ppl-other-01 I received the following question last week:

I am building a web application… I have a form with server control textbox and dropdownlist…

how can I send this to the server without postback and send me back message if the process of updating the database is successful

ASP.NET MVC – Model != BLL or DAL

Last week I introduced the ASP.NET MVC framework by talking a bit about what the model, view and controller are.

In the comments, John Meyer said,

I respectfully disagree with your claim that the model is you BLL. MVC is a UI layer pattern, and as such all models, views, and controllers are strictly in the UI level.

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DotNetNuke – Data Access Layer Alternative

land-0107 Now that I’ve explained the standard way of creating a Data Access Layer (DAL) for DotNetNuke, we can address the alternative method of providing this same functionality.

DotNetNuke Modules – Data Access Layer

ppl-body-087 Now that we’ve created our stored procedures, we are going to use some of the other CodeSmith templates to generate our data access layer (DAL).

Keep in mind that the templates you are going to be using were originally meant to be used on DotNetNuke 3.x.… Read the rest