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April 2014
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Transaction Tracking Typed Datasets Using SqlTransaction


I recently had the need to implement transaction tracking between two separate databases on two separate servers.

Unfortunately, I could not be sure that DTC was implemented on either server, so using transaction tracking with the TransactionScope wasn’t an option.

I also wanted to be able to wire this in easily to the existing 3-tiered framework we are currently using so that what I ended up with could easily be implemented by other developers in a similar situation.… Read the rest

Silverlight – Navigating Data

color-07 Last week I demonstrated how to access data from a web service in Silverlight and display it on the page.  Today we are going to continue on with that demo and look at how to navigate through our data.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, Silverlight doesn’t work quite the same way as we are used to in ASP.NET or in Windows Forms.  But if you’ve been following along, you’ve seen that much for yourself.… Read the rest

Unable to find connection…for object web.config

J01C0089 I’ve seen this error a couple of different times.  Mostly from other people calling me with the problem.  So I still don’t know what ultimately causes the problem.  But if you’re having this problem, here’s how you fix it.

First, a bit of background.… Read the rest

Unique SQL Logins and SqlMembership Provider

There are cases where it is advantageous to have a separate sql login for each user login who will be editing your database.  If you are using Windows authentication, this is not a problem because you can pass the windows authentication tokens on through to the db without having to do a whole lot of work.… Read the rest

Swapping the DAL Abstractly

Last Thursday, we looked at how to replace the TableAdapter with our own TableAdapter as a way or eliminating our dependence on Microsoft SQL.  The problem with this implementation is that every time you want to switch databases, you’ll need to switch what TableAdapter the code is using.… Read the rest