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Sharing ObjectDataSource From Codebehind


I ran into an interesting “problem” last week that wasn’t all that hard to figure out once I broke out the debugger.  But I thought it would be useful to share the results to save others the time.

The situation was that I had an Object Data Source in a FormView that I wanted to share with both a DataGrid in the FormView and a DataRepeater outside of the FormView.  Since it was in the FormView, the DataRepeater couldn’t see it.… Read the rest

GridView and Updating A Row Manually


A couple of days ago I mentioned a project that I’ve been working on that is a bit out of the ordinary as far as GridViews go.  One of the issues I’ve had is that the edit template doesn’t map to the view template very well.… Read the rest

GridViews – Multiple Rows Per Record

G04B0069 I don’t know about you, but I’ve had several occasions where I’ve needed to use the simplicity of the GridView control in ASP.NET.  DataBinding, Paging, Sorting, etc.  But I’ve also wanted to stack the information for a record in multiple rows.… Read the rest

Conditional Footnotes On GridView

hand-079 A couple of days ago I ran into a requirement to conditionally display footnote information at the bottom of a GridView display.  We were already conditionally displaying icons in the row.  What we needed to do was to conditionally show text at the bottom of the screen that explained what each icon was for. … Read the rest

Editing in a GridView without switching to Edit mode.

I just saw a question about this yesterday and realized that while I know how to do this, not everyone does.  So, here we go…

Here’s the problem.  You want to be able to edit all of the rows in the gridview at once instead of having to switch to edit mode and save one row at the time. … Read the rest