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April 2014
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Internationalization – The Database

Over the last several weeks we’ve been examining the various aspects of internationalization using ASP.NET. But it doesn’t help to have your resources and images set up for internationalization if your database has all of its data in one language.

The following are several solutions you might consider when setting up your database.… Read the rest

ASP.NET Internationalization – Themes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A couple of weeks ago I started a series on ASP.NET Internationalization where we started by covering the basics, that is, using RESX files to supply language-specific strings in our code.

However, as anyone who’s tried to tackle the the internationalization problem knows, strings aren’t the only items that are impacted by internationalization.… Read the rest

Silverlight – RESX Files and Internationalization

FANT0062 One of the toughest things to get your head around in Silverlight is Internationalization and Localization.  But once you figure out the quirks and the parts that are missing in Visual Studio 2008, it’s not that bad.

In this post I hope to explain step by step what you need to do to have this work reliably and share some of the mistakes I made along the way.… Read the rest

Internationalization – Resource Files

C01H0025 Today I’m going to start a series on Internationalization.  Today’s post will start with the basics, but I plan to cover such issues as:

  • Using Resources
  • Detecting the language of the browser
  • What about images?
  • Dealing with Search Engine Spiders
  • Internationalizing your database.
  • Read the rest

DotNetNuke Modules – Internationalization (part 2)

Last Thursday, we looked at how you could change the text of the modules in DotNetNuke.  Today, we want to show you how to add that same capability to your own modules.