Forcing Extension Methods to Be Used

tobj-067 I received the following question:

Is it possible to force a namespace to be included so that the extension methods in it will be used in it instead of the methods in the main class?

I have to admit, I had to go and do a little research on this, but once I did, I found out that the assumption behind the question is inaccurate.… Read the rest

SQL For Programmers – Stored Procedure Basics

trav-035 Now that we’ve established a reason for using them, let’s continue with the basic syntax of the stored procedure. I think you’ll find that it is not that dissimilar to writing a procedure in any other language. Although, as we move on, I think you’ll find that the syntax we have to use to get anything done is quite cryptic.… Read the rest


ka_vol1_120 Once you have your database created, you’ll want to get some tables set up into it.  To do this, you’ll need the CREATE TABLE statement that can be issued from the connection object once you’ve established the connection.

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Did you know – Zip is built into .NET?

food-cof-01 A couple of weeks ago, I was working on a project that required me to unzip a file.  There is only one text file in the zip, so using a full-blown library like SharpZipLib (OpenSource) or some commercial product just didn’t seem right. … Read the rest

Why you can’t cast an integer to a string.

I saw this question last Thursday on Channel 9 that I’ve heard before. My guess is that there are enough people who have the same question that it’s worth addressing.

I know there’s probably a really good reason for this, but I can’t think of what it is, and it keeps bugging me.

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