What is SpecFlow…

…And why do I want it?

SpecFlowThat’s what I kept asking myself every time I saw this product.

Well, the last time I looked, something caught my eye enough that I decided to download it and take a look. I’m really glad I did it.… Read the rest

CT Code Camp Demos

CodeCampFor those that attended my presentations at the CT DotNet User’s Group Code Camp this last weekend, here are the links to the demos that I promised.

TDD with NUnit

Testing Websites with Selenium and NUnit

Here are some other resources you might find valuable:

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When You Really Need All Of Your NUnit Test In One Class

Last week I proposed a structure for unit test that follows the pre-condition, action, post-condition workflow.  Basically what you would see in a Use Case document.

The result of this structure when applied to a general NUnit class is that we will end up with our pre-condition and action in our setup method and our post-condition asserts in our test methods.… Read the rest

Selenium with NUnit Presentation

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The Programmers’ Revolt

A green sea turtle swims past a school of Raccoon Butterflyfish near Hawaii.

Every once in a while, something happens in life that makes you say, “enough!”

That happened a couple of weeks ago to me and a couple other programmers working on the same project that I’m working on.

The issue was that we had made some significant changes to a project, we had communicated to the project manager that the changes required that the entire project needed to be retested, but the testing never happened. … Read the rest