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DotNetNuke: Staging Content Using Roles

The problem:

Currently DNN only lets us stage content using the Text/HTML module and only if you have the pro or enterprise version of DotNetNuke. There are three issues with this:

  1. We can only stage HTML content. Other modules need to resort to some other method.
  2. We can’t see what the full site is going to look like when all of the staging content goes live.
  3. There is no easy way to stage navigation changes.

In a typical development environment changes to code and content are typically made to a staging area. The client is able to review the changes in this area and when the changes are finally approved, the content can be pushed to production.

Again, DNN has limitations. While I have been able to figure out how to do an “all or nothing” push from stage to production without over-writing user content or membership information, doing partial pushes to production have been problematic at best.

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