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CSharp’s Property Shortcuts

There are a lot of nice shortcuts in the CSharp language that most of us never use.  But if you take the time to learn them, you can be as productive as a student I had who had learned all the keyboard shortcuts to windows so that he never had to take his hands off the keyboard.

It was just a bit frustrating as an instructor because every time he sat down to do an exercise he’d be asking, “what’s the keyboard shortcut for this step?”  I have to admit, though, he was definitely faster than anyone else who had ever taken the class.

prop and propg are two such shortcuts.

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Two Time-saving VS Command Line Parameters

E02D0021 I realize that many of my readers load one project at the beginning of the day and continue to work on only that project.  You guys won’t benefit as much from this tip as those of us who switch between multiple projects in a day.  But you will benefit.

My development life has me currently working for two separate clients that require the use of Visual Studio.  I’m in the mist of integrating changes from two different versions (branch and merge operation) into one of the branches.  This alone has me opening and closing three different projects.  Another client might have me work on a bug fix at one time and the main project of the month at another.

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