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ASP.NET Internationalization – Themes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A couple of weeks ago I started a series on ASP.NET Internationalization where we started by covering the basics, that is, using RESX files to supply language-specific strings in our code.

However, as anyone who’s tried to tackle the the internationalization problem knows, strings aren’t the only items that are impacted by internationalization. What about the images on our site? Specifically, what about the images that make up the look and feel of our site?

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Two CSS Files When Using ASP.NET Themes?

One of the projects that I’m working on is for a company targeting the Canadian marketplace.  These sites have to be written in both French and English for that country, which means there is a fair bit of internationalization written into our code.

Dealing with the information in the database and the strings on the page was easy enough.  But we also have to deal with images.  The way we deal with images is by detecting the language settings of the browser and setting the Theme property of the Page.

Like so:

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