test driven development

CT Code Camp Demos

CodeCampFor those that attended my presentations at the CT DotNet User’s Group Code Camp this last weekend, here are the links to the demos that I promised.

TDD with NUnit

Testing Websites with Selenium and NUnit

Here are some other resources you might find valuable:

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Don’t Comment Out That Test


First, at the suggestion of one of my friends who now works at SmartBear, I’m going to experiment with creating audio of my post going forward.  Obviously this will lend itself to some of my post more than others, but I think it is worth experimenting with.… Read the rest

Make Your Test Work For You


So far we’ve been talking about creating test as part of the development process.  If all you ever used those test for was to make the design of your systems better, you would already be far ahead of most of your peers.… Read the rest

What Not To Test


Many people believe that implementing Test Driven Development means that you need to have a test for every line of code in your system.  When  they start thinking about TDD in this way, they start to feel overwhelmed and quit before they even start.… Read the rest

TDD Isn’t All About Testing

tran-land-045While the artifact of Test Driven Development is test code, what you get out of test driven development far exceeds the test themselves. 

Maintainable Code

By writing test first, you tend to write code that is more highly maintainable than if you just wrote the code to solve the problem.  By writing a class so that it can be used in both the system you are writing it for and so that it can be tested, you’ve been forced to think about the code in at least one other way from what you would have initially.  The result is your code tends to be more structured than it would have been otherwise.… Read the rest