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Twitter From ASP.NET – Direct Messages

tp_vol4_022 As you continue building up your Twitter application, you’ll eventually want some way of retrieving direct messages sent to you.

In a lot of ways this will be very similar to retrieving the messages from your friends, but there is the optional parameters object that we can pass that will allow us to retrieve a subset of the messages.

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Twitter From ASP.NET – Friends vs Followers

F03I0051 If you want to emulate the services of something like Twitter Karma you are going to need to learn how to retrieve your list of friends and followers.

What makes this especially difficult is that the documentation for this on both the Twitterizer site (where it is practically non-existent) and on the Twitter site (where it is not exactly accurate) makes figuring out this process particularly difficult.

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Twitter from ASP.NET – Simple GUI

trav-037 Yesterday I posted a short description of how to get Twitterizer installed in a web app.  We left off making sure that the DLL was installed correctly but that’s about as far as we got.

Today I want to extend the application to allow you to login using the Login control and post a message.

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Twitter from ASP.NET

tran-air-01 Got this question yesterday and since it looked interesting to me I decided to dig into it.

Any chance we can get a simple tutorial on using Twitter framework in
Grabbing the stuff and posting to a site etc.


We will have to go at this in steps but I think this is something we can deal with easily.  Besides, I’m using Twitter myself and having this code might just be useful.

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