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April 2014
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visual studio

Add/Edit/Delete with ListView

Last week we took a short look at the new ListView control in ASP.NET 3.5.  Today, we’ll take a brief look at Add/Edit/Delete.  This is actually pretty simple stuff.

How to log your command window session

I’ve been tracking Sara Ford’s blog for a while.  Every day a new tip.  Today’s is one I hadn’t seen before.  You can log your command window session to a file.

Pretty cool.  Now, all I need is a reason to use it.… Read the rest

Anonymous Types

So, let’s get to work looking at anonymous types in .NET.

Sorting the ListView in ASP.NET

Are you confused about how to implement sorting in the new ListView control in ASP.NET 3.5?  Join me as I show you in this step by step video showing you exactly how to sort a ListView, even when it isn’t in gridview mode.… Read the rest

Host jQuery at Google (with Intellisense support)

tp_vol3_007 While reviewing my RSS feed this morning, I found this article:

3 reasons why you should let Google host jQuery for you | Encosia

I had no idea!

The three reasons are:

  1. Decreased Latency
    Google will serve the data from the closest server
  2. Increased Parallelism
    More threads are available to download content specific to your application instead of downloading this common library.
  3. Read the rest