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WinForms – Change The Active Tab

misc_vol2_056 This question came in last Friday:

I’m trying to code a windows form in 2005. In my form I have 2 TabControls and a command button. The button is in the first TabControl, so what I want to do, is that when I click the button, in the first TabControl, the second TabControl gets opened.

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One Form with Multiple Tables

B01I0093 I received the following question a few days ago:

“I am trying to use three tables from the same dataset in one form that I am creating in winforms my problem I guess is the setup of it as I can get them all on the form but cant get them to all post to the separate tables when I click save I am using a mysql database with the Mysql connector not the obdc can this even be done?”

Frustrating, isn’t it?  .NET makes some things SO easy, and then when it isn’t you figure you must have done something wrong.… Read the rest

VB.NET Processing Before WinForm Display


I woke up this morning to an interesting question.

“Using 2008, I want my project to be a Windows Forms Application, but upon startup, I want to check a few files to see if they exist and if they don’t I do not want the startup form to load.Read the rest

Windows Forms – Passing Parameters at Runtime

misc_vol4_028 I received the following question over the weekend:

I’ve made a C# form application and I need to send a report name at runtime. How do I add an incoming parameter to the command line? Such as “crFORM.exe Shipform.rpt”

I have to assume the question relates more to how to retrieve the parameter in the code than how to pass it because the example shows how we’d pass it.… Read the rest

WinForms – Database Changes not sticking.

Saturday afternoon I spent trying to get a Windows Forms application to add data to a database.  It all seemed to work correctly.  Add changes, no errors.  Close window, open window.  Yep changes are there.  Close application, re-run application.  Yep, changes still there.  Make a change to the code, re-run.  No data.… Read the rest