The Project Location is not Trusted


This one has been bothering me for several weeks, so I decided to research the problem and finally fix it.

The problem started when I downloaded a project from the web to start working on it.  This same project worked previously, the zip was just an update.

Here’s what I found:

You may have already seen the article from Microsoft that says this is caused by trying to access a UNC path from your solution.  But my project doesn’t have any UNC paths in it.

Evidently, Microsoft is now adding a security property to any zip files that are downloaded from a security zone that is not trusted and applying that to your project file when the zip file is unzipped.

I eventually got this answer by visiting:

He has a utility to strip the information and a pretty good explanation of what is going on.  But the real gem is in the comments where it says that all we have to do is right-click the project file in File Explorer and click the “Unblock” button at the bottom.

Less than five minutes later I had my solution opening cleanly again.

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