When Session Objects Get Created With No Session Variables


I thought about calling this  Session Object Madness, but it really isn’t that crazy once you think through what’s happening.

Here’s the issue.  I have a client who does work for another client who is hosting their sites at IBM.

I’m told that IBM will not enable any session servers so none of the sites can include session objects.  And that’s where the fun begins.

Now I won’t go on with my normal rant about how this is just insane and how it is costing the client more for us to write code around this than if they moved the operation someplace else.  But here’s the issue.  We wanted to  add a Global.asax file to the site so that we could process errors and redirect to an error  page.  When we put this on our staging server that is half set up for a SQL session server, we started getting errors because the site was trying to connect to the session server but didn’t have a database to connect to.

What was curious was that we weren’t creating any session objects in any of the code, so the call to the database should never have happened.  Then I remembered, the Global.asax file has event handlers for SessionStart and SessionEnd.

Once we took the two event handlers out, the code started working again.

Note to self: session objects also get created when they need to attach to an event handler.

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  • Ivan Hanakaze

    I think that you should use InProc session mode if you cant store session objects into the server, unless you need permanent sessions, InProc works just fine, I guess.

    • Dave

      Yes, of course. But if you aren’t using session objects at all and don’t want the memory set aside for them because you aren’t, you need to make sure you don’t have any event handlers attached to the session object. That’s the point of the post. You can read this post for why you don’t want to use InProc sessions.

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