DotNetNuke Tweak FOR SEO

dotnetnuke does a pretty decent job of being optimized for the search engines.  But, while tweaking one of my sites today, I realized there is one place where there is room for improvement.

First, we need to give a little background on SEO.  There are only about three things we know about optimizing for the search engines.  The first is what’s on the page and there are only a few things that really matter there.  The second is the strength of the links coming into the page, otherwise known as Page Rank (PR).  Once again, with the last Google update, there seems to be some question as to how much this really matters.  The third, and most often overlooked is what the links coming into the page say about the page.

If you know anything about Search Engine Optimization, I probably haven’t told you anything new yet.  But, if what a link says about a page impacts how that page ranks, wouldn’t it make sense for all of your links to say something relevant about the page?  And, wouldn’t it make sense to mix things up a bit as you linked to the page?

And there’s the problem.  If you use DotNetNuke’s LOGO control, which nearly every skin does, then you have an image that links back to the home page that either says nothing about the page or, if you believe the alt attribute has meaning, says exactly the same thing about the page.  Personally, I’d like a little more control over my links.  So, I went into the Logo.ascx file (located in /admin/skins) and added the re="nofollow" attribute/value pair to the hyperlink control that surrounds the logo image.  That’s one link that will no longer be passing link juice back to my home page, allowing each page on my site to specify exactly what the link should say about my home page, if anything.

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