Turn on HumanFriendly URLs in DNN 4.7.0

What? DNN 4.7?

Seems like I just get one upgrade installed and there is another upgrade ready to go.

So, what’s this HumanFriendly thing?

Currently, in dotnetnuke, we can turn on Search Engine Friendly URLs.  What this does is embed the parameters in the URL so that you don’t end up with ?variable=value at the end of your url.

That’s cool.  But, there are two REALLY big problems with this.

First, if the tabid for the page changes, your url will change.  This makes it practically impossible to “version” your pages in such a way that the search engines don’t care unless you implement some sort of 301 redirect every time a new page is created to replace the old page.

Second, it’s very hard to tell someone over the phone.  “Just go to http://www.dmbcllc.com/mypagename/tabid/45/default.aspx.”  With HumanFriendly turned on, you’ll be able to tell them, “Go to http://www.dmbcllc.com/mypagename.aspx”

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