Visual Studio 2008 first looks.

And I am talking FIRST looks.

I just got this thing installed and the first windows that comes up when I load VS 2008 is this:


Nice, I won’t have to reset my settings.  While we’re at this screen, those of you who are thinking any but the first option are the options you want to use.  Let me just say right off the bat here, you want “General Development Settings.”

Why, because you want to get all of the IDE available to you.  If you pick one of the others, the IDE will act like one of those environments ONLY.  It will take you maybe a week of steady development to learn the new keystrokes.  So, just do it.

Next, I went to the help system to see what’s new and cool.


Hmmm, guess I have some learning to do.

I’ll be back later with what’s new and cool.

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