Some ASP.NET Goodies in VS 2008

Today we’ll look at a few new goodies on the web development side of visual studio 2008.  You may have heard that we finally get split view so we can see the designer and the HTML at the same time.  Or maybe you want to know just how well that javascript intellisense works.  Have you seen the new CSS integration?  This is really cool.  And frankly, it does something Dreamweaver should have been doing years ago.  So, let’s get started.

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2 Responses to “Some ASP.NET Goodies in VS 2008”

  • ReTox:

    “…finally have the split-view…”

    I don’t know what are you talking about… Dreamweaver had most of the features included in Orcas years ago. CSS also.

  • Dave:

    Yeah.. with the small little exception that Dreamweaver didn’t do ASP.NET all that good past version 1.1

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