Monthly Archives: December 2007

How to code LINQ

Today we finally put all the code we’ve been looking at for the last couple of weeks into practice and take a look at LINQ.  Today’s example will be relatively brief but once you understand the underlying parts, which we’ve covered already, there really isn’t much to actually using LINQ.… Read the rest

Extension Methods in VB.NET

Last week we took a look at Extension Methods in CSharp.  Today we will continue looking at Extension methods using VB.NET syntax.  It’s obvious by comparing the syntax in VB.NET to the syntax we used in C#, that either there was a strong disagreement as to how to implement Extension Methods syntactically, or the language teams never talk to each other.… Read the rest

Extension Methods in CSharp

Have you ever wanted to add a method to a sealed class, like string?  Or, have you ever wished you could provide more than a signature for a method in an interface?

Well now you can.  Today we are going to look at extension methods which will allow you to do both of these.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke SQL Space and the Event Viewer

I’ve been meaning to address this topic for quite a while and now that I’m noticing a lot of my web hosting customers getting notifications about their plans using too much space, I think it may be time to address this topic.… Read the rest

Lambda Expressions. Other than LINQ…

… what are they good for?… Read the rest