I’ve been using GIMP as my image editor of choice for several years now.  I would use Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Elements, but for the number of times I actually need a photo editor each year, I can’t see paying for an editor.

Recently, I noticed a new Open Source photo editor that has come out named.  Paint.NET.  So, I decided to download it and install it this weekend and give it a try.

My comparison is in relation to GIMP.


  • Easier to use
  • Many things I’ve wanted to do recently are menu options
  • Layered images
  • plug-ins available


  • I didn’t notice any plug-ins built in.
  • The “Button Scripts” I’ve grown use to in GIMP were not to be found.
  • Younger program, so less support is available from other web sites.


I’ll probably end up using both programs.  I really like being able to create 3D text in about five minutes and I’d hate to loose that just because another program does everything else I generally need easier.

If you do occasional graphic editing like I do, you might want to consider giving Paint.NET a try.

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