What does the purchase of Yahoo Mean?

So, Microsoft has officially offered to purchase Yahoo, a company struggling to compete against Google, primarily.

So, if Microsoft buys Yahoo.

  • Does it make Google any less the major player it is?
    Probably not.  One of two things will happen.  Yahoo remains essentially yahoo and most people will continue to use whatever search engine they are currently using OR Yahoo goes away and the people who were using it split between MSN and Google.
  • Will search get better?
    Probably not.  In fact, since neither Microsoft or Google will have to compete with Yahoo, neither will have to improve search as rapidly as they might have otherwise done with a third competitor.
  • Who does this benefit?
    From where I’m sitting, only Microsoft.  It certainly does not benefit the consumer.  However, it may make the Search Engine Optimization game MUCH easier to play.  But, most of use playing that game only care about Google anyhow.

Microsoft bids $44.6 billion for Yahoo – Yahoo! News

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