DotNetNuke – Missing Content in Modules

So, I ran into a problem a couple of days ago that took two days to figure out.  Since my search in Google turned up nothing, I’m posting it here just in case someone else does the same stupid thing.

A couple of days ago, a client of mine called and said he’d been working on his dotnetnuke site moving things around when suddenly he was unable to see his module content any more.  Since I’m his DNN guru, he asked me to look into it.

Now the really odd thing about this is that it was only impacting his admin account.  I have another id that has admin permissions.  It was not impacted.  His general user id (no admin privileges) worked fine.  The host account worked find.  What was it that could possibly be causing this?

The other peculiar trait was that the module containers showed up, but not the content within the modules.  So, you’d think it really has nothing to do with the roles.  Maybe some exception was being thrown?

So, I looked in the event log.  No errors.  Just application start and login events.

What COULD it possibly be?  Oh well, let’s just create a new account for him and get on with life.

About an hour after we did that, I get a message from this client.  “When I flip the admin screen into design mode, I don’t see any content, is that the way it is suppose to work?”


I should have known that.  I never use Design Mode, but I have flipped to it at least once to see what it does.

So, if you are having this problem and can’t figure out what it might be, check the upper left corner of the screen and make sure you aren’t in design mode.  Design mode will show you just the containers so that it is easier to move things around.  View Mode will show you what the screen will look like to a user who doesn’t have page edit rights, and Edit mode with allow you to see all of the content, the design panes, and let you make changes to the content.

Hope this helps someone.

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One Response to “DotNetNuke – Missing Content in Modules”

  • Very helpful indeed. Unfortunately I just read this article after I removed view/edit permissions to each module this user may manage.
    Now the user sees portals content, time to reconfigure his view/edit permissions again… :)