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I had a friend show me a cool new service a couple of weeks ago called JottJott is a service that let’s you use your cell phone to leave yourself, or anyone else you setup, an email.

There are several ways you might use this.  But the one that I find the most useful is to send myself reminders.

You see, I live by my email.  When people ask me to do something, my immediate response is, “would you send me an email on that so I don’t forget?”  There are two reasons I do this.  First, if it is really important to them, they’ll send me the email.  Second, and more importantly, once it gets into my email, I will not delete it until I’ve acted on the request in some way.  Either by scheduled it to be done, responding to the email, or I’ve actually done the task I’ve been asked to do.  So, once it’s in my inbox, you can be pretty sure it will get done.

This process has served me well over the last several years.   But, what about the times when you are out at the mall, or at a party, or where ever, and you suddenly remember, “I need to call George about the dingbats when I get to work on Monday.”  A sudden thought that will evaporate with the next conversation you have.

Not a problem.  Grab you cell phone, call the Jott number and leave yourself a message that will get transcribed and sent to your email.  And if they happen to transcribe the message incorrectly, there is a link to the original audio file so that they can listen to the original message.

So, last Wednesday I was out at Home Depot looking for desk drawers for my office when I remembered that I haven’t cleaned the furnace filters in months.  So, I left myself a Jott.  When I got home, I scheduled the activity for last Saturday.  And, I also scheduled it for one month from Saturday so that they’ll actually get done in a month like they are suppose to.

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2 Responses to “Jott This”

  • Mihail:

    Wouldn’t be easier to just use a tiny voice recorder instead – you will know to clean your furnace filters before stepping in the house, that is if you click that button. Nothing against Jott though…:)

  • Dave:

    I suppose if I lived by the voice recorder, yes, that might be easier. The problem with a voice recorder, a piece of paper, or even a system like Day Timer, is that once I stick it in the recorder, or write it down, that’s the last I’ll see it.

    By using Jott, I’m sure it will end up in my email, which I’m certain I WILL see again and I WILL schedule, make a task, or whatever I need to do with the information.

    The only problem with Jott so far is that it doesn’t work in the shower.

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