Monthly Archives: March 2008

OOP is not the main problem w/ ASP.NET

Over at Jeff’s Junk, Jeff discusses what he feels is the main problem people have with ASP.NET.  That is, they don’t understand object oriented programming.

Jeff, you’ve got half the problem.

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Highlite NoFollow in Internet Explorer

I don’t know why none of the toolbars that are available for Internet Explorer support this yet because it pretty stinkin’ easy to implement.  But, here you go…… Read the rest

Is your logo sending your visitor away?

I’ve been working on a site for a new client.  I got most of the design done yesterday using DotNetNuke and a skin I purchased and it looks pretty nice, except for one small little thing…… Read the rest

Upload Files in DotNetNuke

As many of you know by now, I use DotNetNuke for the majority of my web development projects.  While DNN is a great environment to get web sites up quickly with.  It’s major down side is the lack of documentation.  Today I’ll show a quick demo on how to upload files in DotNetNuke using the built in file manager.… Read the rest

Using Reflection to Load a Class in ASP.NET

Last week, we took a look at creating a DAL that would allow us to swap out database providers without having to rewrite a lot of our code.  The only problem with the code I showed you is that you still have to change code whenever you swap databases.  This is not very flexible.… Read the rest