Is your logo sending your visitor away?

I’ve been working on a site for a new client.  I got most of the design done yesterday using dotnetnuke and a skin I purchased and it looks pretty nice, except for one small little thing…

You see, the logo the company created has the company name on the left and a bird on the right facing the words.  Since people scan web sites from the upper left to the bottom right, and since most logos are placed in the upper left corner of the page, what we want is either a logo that does not distract the eye movement, or a logo that reinforces the eye movement toward the center.

This logo does neither.  The user scans down left to right, hits the bird, sees that the bird is looking at something off the left side of the page, and so, the user looks at the left side of the page.  Completely distracted.

Since the logo is what it is, we are fixing the problem by moving the logo to the right side if the banner area.  It may get lost, but at least it won’t distract the user from the primary goal of the site, which is for the user to email or call the company for information.

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