Who’s AJAX Should You Use?

Just had someone ask me a question this morning that I bet many others have asked or are asking…

Should I use MS-ajax, that comes with ASP.NET or should I use something from another vendor?

Before I answer, I’ll admit that answering this question is a lot like answering who you should vote for.  So, we’ll just admit up front that people are going to disagree.  But, since this is MY blog, you are going to get MY answer.

When ever I have a choice between something Microsoft has in the product, or some commercial product, I generally select the Microsoft version of the product.  While I’m sure there are other better implementations of AJAX for ASP.NET, depending on how you define “better”, I’ve found that eventually, everything that makes the other products better eventually end up in the Microsoft product.

I’ve also found that the chances of an architectural framework implemented by Microsoft  working with future releases of the core product are much higher than some third party framework.  So, while I may purchase third party controls and use them in my code.  Using a third party framework is dangerous to the future health of my code.  Therefore, I avoid framework code that hasn’t either been explicitly endorsed by Microsoft, like dotnetnuke, or developed by Microsoft.

While some may disagree, I consider AJAX to be architecture level code.  So, I only use the AJAX implementation from Microsoft.

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